Flussonic Watcher v.23.12

Откройте для себя последние новинки в области видеонаблюдения с Flussonic Watcher версии 23.12! В этой версии мы предлагаем расширенные возможности, что делает его идеальным решением для обеспечения безопасного и комфортного видеонаблюдения.

Watcher (23.12)

  • #25650 (new) (UI) Added the “Download TS” option in the export menu that can be used when export to MP4 is not suitable or does not work for some reason.
  • #33385 (new) Added support for the following features in Watcher Client UI (PWA): branding colors as configured in Watcher UI, push notifications, and archive export.
  • #33743 (new) Added the e-mail configuration properties in Watcher Admin API for e-mail customization.
  • #34098 (new) Implemented the display of streamers list in Watcher Admin UI to facilitate monitoring of the streaming infrastructure status.
  • #34522 (new) Supported the use of database paths from /etc/watcher/watcher.conf when using the database management utility. You don’t have to set the DB variable any more.
  • #34542 (new) Implemented user management endpoints in Watcher Admin API to allow user management in Watcher Admin UI in the future.
  • #34549 (new) (UI) Added the ability to filter the episodes by the time of their creation (opened_at). With the filter enabled, the episodes are sorted by opened_at (ascending), and -opened_at (descending) without the filter.
  • #34564 (new) Renamed the “Try new UI” option to “Watcher Client UI (PWA)” to highlight that Watcher Client UI does not include all the features available in Watcher UI because admin functions will be available separately.
  • #34607 (new) Watcher Admin UI made available at http://WATCHER-IP/watcher/admin for trying out.
  • #34767 (new) Implemented the GET /persons request in Watcher Client API to display person list in Watcher Client UI.
  • #34989 (new) Implemented the _like filter for the camera title in GET /streams method to allow for camera search by fuzzy match.
  • #35036 (new) Added the ability to filter the response to GET /streams by the camera name, title, and comment.
  • #35157 (new) Eliminated unnecessary calls from Watcher directly to streamers to save the event_sink configuration because Central provisions it.
  • #28752 (fixed) Fixed the issue with the license plate recognition module returning the first LP detection result instead of the best.
  • #31444 (fixed) Added the ability to specify a custom auth backend in Watcher config with WATCHER_CUSTOM_AUTH parameter to allow the use of Watcher with another software like IPTVPORTAL.
  • #31766 (fixed) Fixed HTTP 500 error when adding a person in Watcher UI because of the analytics module unavailability. To solve the error, the person is always saved in Watcher’s database and then synchronized with the analytics module through Central. Note that the person can only be recognized when delivered to the analytics node.
  • #32244 (improved) Added the ability to set API_URL in the Watcher config file when configuring cluster to explicitly indicate the address to access Watcher from the Internet; this parameter should only be changed in the case when the auto setup did not work correctly.
  • #33250 (improved) Improved person database synchronization between Watcher and Central to allow person saving when analytics nodes are offline.
  • #33485 (improved) Restored the instruction on getting started with VSAAS.IO.
  • #33852 (improved) Removed the requirements for specifying hostname in body for any role and cluster_key for vision and identification in the PUT /streamers/{hostname} request.
  • #33922 (fixed) Fixed the issue with excessive timing of the GET /episodes request which may have caused the delayed display of the event list in Watcher Client UI.
  • #34110 (fixed) Fixed the issue with unlimited DVR limit for motion records not passed properly to Central resulting in deletion of motion records based on expiration value instead of episodes_expiration.
  • #34259 (fixed) Fixed the memory leaks in the inference service.
  • #34367 (fixed) Fixed the issue with watcher-episodes service not loading episodes created after its (re)start.
  • #34389 (fixed) Fixed the issue with video analytics starting in Ubuntu 20.04.
  • #34426 (fixed) Fixed the issue with push messages from Wacher Client UI not delivered in some cases.
  • #34429 (fixed) Fixed the issue with event export to .csv from Watcher UI not starting.
  • #34445 (fixed) Fixed the issue with the “Back” button on the camera page in Watcher Client UI returning to the previous episode instead of the camera list when episodes were clicked several times.
  • #34527 (fixed) Fixed the issue with not all cameras displayed in the camera list in the Watcher Client UI (PWA). The cameras are now displayed in pages, 12 cameras per page.
  • #34534 (improved) Person creation made available without an analytics module installed.
  • #34547 (fixed) Fixed the encoding error that appeared at PostgreSQL installation when installing Watcher in a newly installed operating system.
  • #34562 (fixed) Supported the use of gt, lt, lte, gte filters for episode’s opened_at, episodes filtration by license plate, and the use of _is, _is_not, and _like filters for all respective fields.
  • #34633 (improved) (UI) Added the ability to search by camera name in the list of cameras at Watcher Client UI (PWA). Improved the search by camera name in the list of episodes at Central Admin UI.
  • #34636 (fixed) The minimum required version of the Central has been increased so that the use of the tag mechanism becomes mandatory. This will help our customers who want to precisely control the distribution of streams between streamers, for example prohibit redistribution by required tags.
  • #34652 (fixed) Fixed the issue with incorrect analytics episode URLs in the exported .csv file.
  • #34662 (fixed) Fixed the issue with forbidden episodes (returning HTTP 403) returned by Watcher Admin API. Even administrators shall access only the episodes allowed by their permissions.
  • #34701 (fixed) Fixed the issue with the camera list not displayed when tags are set for the streams or streamers.
  • #34752 (improved) Improved person database synchronization by passing face fingerprint from Watcher to Central when updating already existing persons to indicate that fingerprint re-generation is not required to reduce the load on analytics nodes.
  • #34824 (fixed) Fixed the issue with episodes not fetched from Central to Watcher.
  • #34893 (fixed) Fixed the issue with Central not restarted by the postinst script at Watcher update.
  • #34898 (improved) Improved the thumbnails request process by excluding requests to disabled or disconnected cameras to reduce server load.
  • #35007 (fixed) Fixed the postinst script freezing when updating Watcher.
  • #35018 (fixed) Fixed the issue with episode thumbnails not shown in Watcher Client UI.
  • #35035 (fixed) Fixed the issue with filtering by Organization not applied for the LPR events list in the old Watcher UI.

Client Area (23.12)

  • #34895 (fixed) Fixed the issue with the published video expanding to full screen at the publication start in Flussonic WebRTC Player on iPhone.
  • #35114 (fixed) Fixed the issue with newly connected publishing clients not played automatically in Flussonic WebRTC Player.

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