Flussonic Watcher v.23.11

В версии 23.11 мы сосредоточились на расширении функциональности пользовательского интерфейса Watcher Web Client. Пользователи могут добавить пользовательский интерфейс Watcher Client UI в виде PWA на главный экран своего устройства. Обновлено мобильное приложение для Apple App Store и Google Play, обеспечивающее удобство, персонализацию, автономный доступ, push-уведомления и повышенную безопасность.

И это еще не все! подробнее обо всех изменениях версии 23.11, читайте ниже.

Watcher 23.11

  • #32012 (new) Added support for OpenTelemetry tracing of Watcher.
  • #32971 (new) Added the notification_enabled parameter to streams_save and streams_list methods of Watcher Client API to allow the user to enable/disable subscription to notifications about camera events.
  • #33084 (new) (UI) Implemented “Favorites” for cameras in Watcher Client UI for easy access to the selected cameras.
  • #33188 (new) Stream stats added to the streams_list response of Watcher Client API v3 to allow camera status displaying in Watcher Client UI.
  • #33246 (new) Push notifications are supported for mobile clients in the Watcher Client UI so that the users could stay tuned for motion or analytics events detected by their cameras.
  • #33479 (new) (UI) Added the ‘Try a new UI’ option on Watcher sign-in page and in the main menu for you to explore the new Watcher Client UI on your desktop or mobile devices.
  • #33584 (new) (UI) Supported branding settings in Watcher Client UI; updated login page.
  • #33710 (new) (UI) You can now use Watcher Client UI as PWA (progressive web app). Just log into http://your-host/watcher/client/ in your mobile browser and add it to the main screen via the browser menu. The traditional Watcher web app remains available too.
  • #33738 (new) (UI) Supported the use of Watcher Client UI (both as PWA and in browsers) for VSAAS.IO and other cluster installations.
  • #33828 (new) (UI) Added the ability to download episodes from the episodes list in Watcher Client UI.
  • #33941 (new) Implemented the possibility to use a custom icon when you add Watcher Client UI as PWA to your main screen on Android.
  • #34034 (new) Added support for Agent on Arimix BA32 cameras.
  • #34088 (new) Added the streaming_endpoint parameter allowing the episodes playback and receiving thumbnails on VSAAS.IO and other cluster solutions.
  • #34215 (new) (UI) Added the link to an episode playback in the push notification about the episode. This will help you instantly respond to any alarming situations detected by the camera.
  • #29375 (improved) Watcher mobile app updated in Apple Store and Google Play with various bug fixes.
  • #32332 (fixed) Fixed the issue with green camera status indicator instead of gray when the camera is disabled.
  • #33002 (fixed) (UI) Fixed the issue with some cameras or folders not displayed in Watcher UI when there are a lot of them (over 1000).
  • #33311 (fixed) Fixed Watcher installation process to forbid skipping the license entering because missing license lead to installation errors and inability to use the product properly.
  • #33375 (fixed) Fixed the issue with event filtering by Organization not applied neither in UI nor via API.
  • #33401 (fixed) Fixed the issue with Watcher installation script creating a database with non-UTF8 encoding in some cases.
  • #33405 (improved) (UI) Improved the episodes list design in Watcher Client UI: 1) highlighting the clicked the episode; 2) showing stream.title instead of stream.name; 3) date and time text color changed to black; 4) fixed thumbnails display; 5) updated icons in the list of episodes.
  • #33521 (fixed) Fixed the issue with Agents synchronization failure at the large total number of retries (more than 28k).
  • #33565 (fixed) Fixed the issue with the streamers list not displayed in Watcher if just one of streamers didn’t respond during a timeout.
  • #33590 (fixed) (UI) Fixed the issue with camera previews not shown in iOS in the new Watcher UI.
  • #33619 (improved) The Central’s version was updated to latest in flussonic-watcher deb package dependencies to avoid possible installation issues.
  • #33668 (fixed) (UI) Fixed the issue with the ‘Share’ box opening outside the visible screen area.
  • #33729 (fixed) (UI) Updated the design of camera and episode lists in Watcher Client UI to focus on the important info and avoid overlapping of camera name over the frame.
  • #33730 (fixed) (UI) Fixed the issue with camera and episode thumbnails not displayed sometimes in Watcher Client UI running under iOS.
  • #33734 (fixed) (UI) Fixed the issue with Organization and streamer displayed as not selected in the camera profile even though they were already set for that camera.
  • #33748 (fixed) Fixed the issue with thumbnails not available in the motion event list because null was used instead of streamer URL when requesting them.
  • #33785 (fixed) Fixed the issue with cameras not connected over ONVIF on the ‘ONVIF Configuration’ tab.
  • #33808 (improved) (UI) Improved indication of subscription to camera events when the bell icon is clicked in Watcher Client UI. The pop-up messages will help you find out if the subscription would not work, for example, if the push notifications are not enabled or not supported on the device.
  • #33821 (improved) (UI) Improved the camera thumbnail display in Watcher Client UI to avoid cropping that made it difficult to assess the relevance of the thumbnail.
  • #33823 (fixed) (UI) Fixed the issue with ‘Back’ button on the camera page in Watcher Client UI returning to the previous episode instead of the camera list.
  • #33841 (improved) (UI) Improved the scrolling smoothness in Watcher Client UI.
  • #33847 (fixed) (UI) Fixed the error shown on the ‘Notifications’ tab instead of the message about push notifications not supported.
  • #33853 (fixed) (UI) Fixed the issue with the cameras not displayed in the list mode on the Cameras page in Watcher UI.
  • #33942 (improved) (UI) The ‘Favorites’ page placed as a separate menu item in the Watcher Client UI to improve the display on mobile devices.
  • #33944 (improved) (UI) The episode player now shows the episode duration and allows rewinding.
  • #33955 (improved) (UI) A compact view of the player is now used for playing episodes to allow using the timeline for the episodes playback control.
  • #34113 (improved) Improved the process of preparing the photo when adding a new person to the Central’s person database. The image is padded according to the Vision module requirements.
  • #34126 (improved) (UI) Enabled the auto start of live video when opening the camera page in Watcher Client UI.
  • #34138 (improved) (UI) Added the button to return back to the old Watcher UI from the new Watcher Client UI.
  • #34186 (improved) (UI) Improved the display of the camera name to use the human-readable title instead of name on the camera list page in Watcher Client UI. Watcher related Central changelog
  • #34263 (fixed) Fixed the issue with outdated information about the archive parts location on streamers not deleted and needless inputs provisioned for the streams causing unnecessary load on the system.
  • #34093 (improved) Added the support for specifying API key of analytics nodes in the API_URL parameter as http://api-key@hostname to allow the Vision servers to operate in a cluster managed by Central.
  • #33871 (fixed) Fixed the HTTP 404 error returned in response to person management API.
  • #33682 (new) Implemented the use of streaming_endpoint parameter for indication of the server where the video from IP camera is currently ingested to allow the use of Watcher Client UI on VSAAS.IO and other cluster installations.
  • #33621 (fixed) Fixed the issue with episodes_expiration incorrectly returned in response to GET /streamers/{hostname}/streams.
  • #33574 (fixed) Fixed the issue with some streams with Agents not being able to run with keeplive drop message in Agent’s logs because of conflicts at handling messages from Agents in Central.
  • #33566 (fixed) Fixed the issue with periodical unexpected resets of the channel_limit parameter.
  • #33542 (fixed) Fixed the periodical spontaneous restarts of Central with panic in logs.
  • #33470 (new) The agent statistics is now returned as part of response to GET /config request to allow monitoring of the cluster status and capacity.
  • #33186 (new) Implemented streams reallocation when a new streamer is added to Central. Reallocation takes place only if it will improve overall system performance compared to the previous state.
  • #32098 (new) Implemented the new approach to preparing URLs of archive fragments on servers in the cluster allowing the use of Public Payload URL or API URL before the hostname. This will allow to handle the situations when the hostname is not FQDN-compliant.
  • #31438 (new) Added the ability to get stream’s layout history showing the reason of the layout change. This will help you understand why the stream moves from one streamer to another and how often this happens as well as configure your streams and streamers so that to minimize the layout changes.
  • #34123 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR when requesting embed.html that, among other issues, lead to stream playback being unavailable in Media Server Admin UI.
  • #34071 (fixed) dvr_save operation now return a valid JSON error message.
  • #34002 (fixed) Watcher proxy keep original Host header value.
  • #33930 (improved) Fixed DVR cleanup on damaged blob.
  • #33452 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the issue with the reason of an archive segment deletion not stated in logs at the archive clean-up.
  • #33876 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the issue with archive protected by episodes cleaned up before expiration if [episodes_expiration]](https://flussonic.com/doc/api/reference/#tag/stream/operation/stream_save%7Cbody%7Cdvr%7Cepisodes_expiration) was less than overall archive expiration.
  • #34100 (improved) Improved the management of calls to DVR storage when using Flussonic RAID to enhance the system performance.
  • #34003 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the issue with archive clean-up not performed because config backend (config_external) not responded to update the expiration times. The cashed expiration values are now used if config_external is not available.
  • #33872 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed HTTP 500 error returned by Flussonic when adding a person to Watcher.
  • #33863 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the JPEG generation errors appeared in logs if the obsolete thumbnails option was not enabled for the stream.
  • #33268 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the rtsp_reader, error: case_clause error that was due to the data coming before finalization of the RTSP handshake. To fix this issue, reconnection occurs in such a case.
  • #30903 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the issue with audio track missing in an MP4 file exported with filter.tracks if more than one audio track was in the source stream and the filtered audio track wasn’t the first one (for example, v1a2).
  • #33609 (fixed) (DVR Player) Fixed the issue with DVR player showing black screen instead of camera video in the Watcher UI.
  • #33494 (fixed) (DVR Player) Fixed the issue with player controls not displayed in Watcher’s /vsaas/embed player.
  • #33266 (fixed) (DVR Player) Fixed the issue with date and time set to 23:59:59 of the previous day when clicking a day in the calendar instead of 00:00:00 of the selected day.
  • #34190 (fixed) (DVR Player) Fixed the issue with the timeline navigation on mobile devices in the archive segment selection mode.
  • #34189 (fixed) (DVR Player) Fixed the issue with archive section markers misplaced in Watcher Client PWA.
  • #34134 (improved) (DVR Player) The markers for selecting an archive section are displayed in the visible area of the timeline when you click the “scissors” control.
  • #33816 (improved) (DVR Player) Fixed the issue with gray layer over the player when playing back the archive in Watcher Client UI PWA.
  • #33791 (fixed) (DVR Player) Fixed the issue with the exported segment start/end date and time fields not editable.
  • #33384 (new) (DVR Player) Supported the archive export and share controls for the DVR player on mobile devices.
  • #32271 (fixed) (DVR Player) Fixed the issue with long waiting period before jumping to a playable content when trying to play a broken archive fragment.

Watcher documentation

  • #33977 (improved) Added the instructions on using Watcher Client UI as PWA.
  • #33587 (improved) Updated the database version in the Watcher’s hardware requirements.

Client Area

  • #32336 (new) You can now use “My Flussonic: Client Area” as a Progressive Web App (PWA). Just click “Install” in the bottom of the page when logged into you account.

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