Flussonic Watcher 23.10

Flussonic Watcher 23.10 внедряет значительные усовершенствования для улучшения пользовательского опыта и эффективности системы. Основное изменение - новый пользовательский интерфейс Watcher Client, обеспечивающий интуитивное управление системами видеонаблюдения на различных устройствах, и Watcher Client API для беспрепятственной и плавной интеграции.

Watcher 23.10

  • #22612 (new) Implemented automatic cleanup of the event database to delete motion or analytics events older than DVR records. This will help you reduce the database size and save the server resources. If you already have lots of old events in the database, the cleanup will run in batches with a certain period to reduce system load.
  • #23660 (new) Improved the mechanism of protection from bruteforce and DDoS attacks for authorization requests.
  • #25851 (new) The setting allowing you to enable or disable audio transcoding to AAC will be available in the new Watcher UI.
  • #28564 (new) Implemented the new Watcher Client API, also you can try a new Watcher Client UI by opening URL https://<YOUR_DOMAIN>/watcher/client/.
  • #31178 (new) Designed and implemented APIs for managing episodes in Watcher.
  • #31488 (new) added watcher-standalone debian package that configures nginx as a balancer to watcher-vms and central
  • #32552 (new) Playback tokens added to the camera and episode schema for Watcher to be able to get video from streamers.
  • #32703 (new) Added support for cursors in Watcher API v3.
  • #32998 (new) Implemented “Favorites” for cameras in the new Watcher UI.
  • #28935 (fixed) Fixed excessive memory consumption by the video analytics module (‘Out of memory’ errors in logs).
  • #29062 (improved) Finalized Vision separation from Media Server.
  • #32781 (fixed) Fixed HTTP 500 error appeared when filtering events by camera.
  • #32818 (fixed) Fixed the issue with ‘Unlimited’ storage time not applied for ‘DVR days limit for records with detected motion’ setting because UI sent empty episodes_expiration instead of null in the request to the backend.
  • #32939 (fixed) Fixed the HTTP 500 error that may have been returned by Watcher API after timezone change on the database server.
  • #33155 (fixed) Fixed GPU LPR module crashes that might have lead to some episodes losses.
  • #33217 (fixed) Fixed an empty result list when filtering Events by keywords.

Watcher documentation 23.10

  • #32252 (improved) The section about domain settings moved further in the Watcher installation process and updated to explain how the domain settings are required for Watcher operation.
  • #32778 (improved) Watcher Quick Start Guide updated to help you install Watcher Single and add a virtual or real camera for tests.
  • #31181 (new) Implemented the logics of streams distribution between streamers according to the channel_limit.
  • #32405 (new) DVR index cleanup implemented to speed up stream opening when there is index without archive on some streamers
  • #33070 (new) Streams that were moved to another streamer in failover mode are no longer counted twice in the ‘Total’ number.
  • #33075 (new) Added the ability to manage the streamer config via API.
  • #32883 (improved) The period of polling stream statuses from streamers is now longer (5 seconds by default) to reduce the load on streamers and configurable by the STREAMS_STATS_FETCH_INTERVAL parameter for fine tuning.
  • #32884 (fixed) Fixed the issue with auth backend URL not provisioned from Central to streamers when UPSTREAM_URL was not specified.
  • #32919 (fixed) Fixed the issue with stream previews unavailable when auth backend is provisioned to streamers from Central.
  • #33194 (improved) Supported the tracing of Agent connection with Central.
  • #33295 (improved) The timeout for config request from Central to streamers increased from 5 to 75 seconds to avoid denial of service when streamer executes a long-term operation at the moment of the request.
  • #33317 (improved) episodes_expiration is now provisioned from Central to streamers as part of config_external.
  • #6955 (new) (DVR Player) Some settings including video quality and audio track were moved to the ‘gear’ settings menu in the new Player UI.
  • #16789 (new) (DVR Player) The “Export to mp4” option added to the Player.
  • #29022 (new) (Flussonic) All authorization methods are now tried for RTSP ingest to allow using cameras that may not support Basic authorization.
  • #30075 (new) (Flussonic) The ONVIF module updated to support Vivotek cameras.
  • #32052 (new) (Flussonic API) The deprecated vision.gpu parameter removed from the schema.
  • #32650 (new) (UI) The number of Agents is now shown in Central Admin UI.
  • #32678 (new) (Flussonic) Empty directories where the archive was stored are now deleted after the archive clean-up.
  • #33003 (new) (UI) The design of the camera profile page was aligned with the rest of the new Watcher UI that we are currently developing.
  • #28163 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the issue with JPEG thumbnails request looped in the Cluster DVR even with remote_dvr=nochain parameter.
  • #29443 (fixed) (DVR Player) Updated the calendar design in the DVR Player; fixed the issue with some days in the end or beginning of the month not highlighted as having the archive while the archive was actually there.
  • #31058 (fixed) (Flussonic) Supported HTTP 302 redirect for RTSP ingest in Flussonic.
  • #32534 (improved) (Flussonic) The “Failed to clean blob” error of DVR cleaner in logs made more insightful to show that DVR clean-up cannot be started again because it is already running.
  • #32726 (fixed) (DVR Player) Fixed the issue with DVR Player in Watcher UI not playing video when DVR was configured for the stream.
  • #32856 (improved) (Flussonic API) The deprecated vision.gpu parameter removed from Flussonic.
  • #32869 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed the issue with ingest of RTSP stream on Flussonic from a Bosch camera (NDP-5512-Z30).
  • #32981 (improved) (Flussonic API) The streams_list API call optimized to run 20 times faster.
  • #32983 (improved) (Flussonic API) The config_get API call optimized to run 20 times faster: 70ms vs. 1400ms.
  • #33089 (fixed) (DVR Player) Fixed the issue with playback freezing in Watcher UI when clicking the timeline in the archive area.
  • #33212 (fixed) (UI) Fixed the issue with authorization tokens missing in requests from the new Watcher UI to Watcher server for mp4 camera thumbnails.
  • #33237 (improved) added more tracing spans to dvr writing procedure
  • #33297 (improved) config saving and applying is now synchronous. API call may become slower, but it shows now real save time
  • #33304 (fixed) (Flussonic) Improved the DVR clean-up process to run faster when episodes and old locks are present in the archive at the same time.
  • #33315 (improved) (Flussonic) The obsolete DVR locks are now ignored when episodes are available.
  • #33323 (improved) (UI) The episodes are sorted descending by their start time in the new Watcher UI we are currently developing.
  • #33331 (improved) fixed performance bug with massive dvr loss in the beginning of the hour
  • #33339 (improved) (UI) The list of events (episodes) is now shown on the right from the player in the new Watcher UI we are currently developing.
  • #33434 (fixed) Fixed the HTTP 405 error at Agent connection attempts.

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