Flussonic Watcher 21.11

Вышла версия 21.11 продуктов Flussonic Watcher.

Осуществлена поддержка видеокарт последнего поколения NVidia GPUs Ampere Architecture для использования видеоаналитики. Для страницы События добавлен режим автоматического обновления. Владелец организации теперь может сам создавать и редактировать список персон.

Ознакомьтесь с полным списком исправлений ниже и обновите ваши серверы как можно скорее.

Что нового

  • #11344 (new) (Watcher) A camera might be installed in public places and shared among several users. For example in case of video surveillance for an apartment house. From now and on you can store a single DVR for such a camera but assign different archive depth access depending on service that user chose.
  • #14931 (new) (Watcher) Modern NVidia GPUs using Ampere Architecture (e.g. RTX 30XX series) were supported.
  • #16355 (new) (Watcher) Auto update mode was added for Events. If this mode is activated an event is added to the top of the list as soon as detected.
  • #18450 (new) (Watcher) Firmware update for MStar camera (YM200J_RU_AF) was supported.
  • #19149 (new) (Watcher) From now and on an organization owner can create and edit list of personas.
  • #19280 (new) (Watcher) Filter by organization was added for motion detector events.
  • #19492 (new) (Watcher) Filter by organization was added for Users, Events and Agents.

Что исправлено

  • #16213 (fixed) (Watcher) Issue that video analytic didn’t work for cameras with activated substream was fixed.
  • #16477 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issues that No DVR error occurred when downloading mp4 after moving camera from one streamer to another.
  • #18648 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issues that substream_url was not changed when using import API.
  • #18676 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issue that import API deleted all already existed in Watcher parameters not included into request.
  • #18986 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issues that total_streams returned value greater by the number of running streams.
  • #19045 (fixed) (Watcher) Issue that only 50 organization was displayed in the list when adding a camera manually was fixed.
  • #19403 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issues that the paging control on Events page was white and undistinguishable from background.
  • #19628 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issue that a user granted to edit cameras could not update camera’s firmware.
  • #19909 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issues that 400 error occurred when adding the same person into a list once again.
  • #20076 (fixed) (Watcher) Issue that internal_server_error occurred when using PTZ was fixed.

Обновления в документации

  • #18321 (doc) (Watcher) The purpose of folders and Organizations in Watcher explained with common use case examples.
  • #18860 (doc) (Watcher) You can now find all the available ways of adding cameras in Watcher and when to use them on the Adding cameras page
  • #19657 (doc) (Watcher) The reason why we do not recommend you to use virtual servers for production installations of Flussonic Watcher is explained in FAQ
  • #19803 (doc) (Watcher) A clear intuitive illustration of video requirements for face recognition is added and the requirements itself made more specific.
  • #19818 (doc) (Watcher) The Introduction to Flussonic Watcher is complemented with a detailed description of the system architecture.
  • #19828 (doc) (Watcher) New effective and easy-to-use feature allowing to assign each user with individual archive depth available in each folder is described in the article about user permissions. There are also example API calls to help you use this new feature in your billing integration for even more flexible and precise pricing
  • #19995 (doc) (Watcher) Detailed article about video quality and how to adjust it to reduce the resource consumption in video surveillance is posted in our blog
  • #20189 (doc) (Watcher) Video card driver installation process is updated to support Nvidia RTX 30xx series in Watcher video analytics subsystem
  • #20290 (doc) (Watcher) A convenient way to view all cameras of a specific streamer in one click from the Health page is described.
  • #20291 (doc) (Watcher) New useful control for auto updating the lists of events in Watcher is described on the Events page.

Другие новости


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Новые подписки на лицензию Flussonic Watcher со скидкой 30%

Bullet vs Dome. Какой корпус выбрать?

В первую очередь корпус Dome повышает вандалозащищенность камеры. Вандалозащищенность отнюдь не означает пуленепробиваемость или особую прочность.

Ночью светло как днем с StarVis камерами Flussonic v2

StarVis — это технология ночного видения, разработанная компанией SONY. Суть технологии заключается в том, что камера может снимать полноцветное видео ночью.

Как сделать свое мобильное приложение для видеонаблюдения

Все продукты Flussonic имеют API и/или SDK, используя которые любой опытный разработчик сможет написать свое приложение для работы с Flussonic