Flussonic Watcher 20.10

Вышла версия Flussonic Watcher 20.10.

Flussonic Watcher: Поддержка управления поворотными камерами, на которых установлен Iris, скриншоты событий в списке событий, утилита очистки БД от старых событий, API для подписки на новые события камеры, наше приложение на HEOP для Flussonic Agent. VSAAS.IO: Автоматическое создание счетов, блокировка пользователей, новые данные по доменам и тарифным планам.

Что нового

Flussonic Watcher

  • #12800 (new) (Watcher) Watcher supports managing PTZ cameras with Iris, which comminicate with the server not via ONVIF. Set the camera URL that starts from ‘http+iris://’.
  • #13165 (new) (Watcher) Thumbnails with the pictures of events are now shown in the event list.
  • #13343 (new) (Watcher) You can subscribe to events: ‘camera_motion’, ‘camera_source_lost’, and ‘camera_source_ready’. The description will be added to API documentation.
  • #13538 (new) (Watcher) Jovision cameras with Agent and Iris were tested for work with Watcher.
  • #13565 (new) (Watcher) We offer the utility for cleaning the database of old events. Usage: ‘manage.py clean_events [-?] [–commit COMMIT] [-f FULL] [-b BULK_SIZE] -d KEEP_DAYS’.

Облачный сервис VSAAS.IO

Облачный сервис VSAAS.IO используется для выставления счетов поставщикам услуг видеонаблюдения и конечным пользователям Watcher.

  • #9597 (new) (VSAAS.IO) Integration of billing service with customer account in Flussonic.
  • #11518 (new) (VSAAS.IO) Automatic invoice creation on specified date. By default, the invoice is created on the first day of the month.
  • #11770 (new) (VSAAS.IO) The new flag Enabled/Disabled is used to block a user.
  • #12416 (new) (VSAAS.IO) Notifications about invoicing are now sent to subscriber’s profile and email.
  • #13299 (new) (VSAAS.IO) The domain status is shown in the new field (Enabled), True - the domain can be used, False - the domain is inactive.
  • #13300 (new) (VSAAS.IO) You can filter the list of domains by active (in use) domains (‘Enabled’).
  • #13301 (new) (VSAAS.IO) A new field Manager in the domain settings.
  • #13302 (new) (VSAAS.IO) The new user role Manager was added: it can view and edit domains and users, create domains, and only view services and billing plans.
  • #13303 (new) (VSAAS.IO) A new field in billing plans - Bitrate, meaning the maximum allowed bitrate that can come from a camera. The disk space for storing DVR archives will be calculated based on the bitrate specified (and so will be usages statistics).

Flussonic Agent

  • #9565 (new) (Agent) With the help of our application on HEOP, Flussonic Agent can work on any Hikvision camera model in G1 series.

Что исправлено

  • #13250 (fixed) (Watcher) Synchronizing with NTP server was fixed.
  • #13459 (fixed) (Watcher) The pause no longer occurs in mosaic view when expanding one of the players to full screen.
  • #13460 (fixed) (Watcher) Under certain conditions, the mosaic started playing streams in higher quality instead of lower.
  • #13564 (fixed) (Watcher) Motion events are not collected now if the event collection was turned off.
  • #10473 (fixed) (VSAAS.IO) Billing administrator can now create a domain and become its owner.
  • #11324 (fixed) (VSAAS.IO) The check box ‘Activated’ on the user settings page now works correctly.
  • #11581 (fixed) (VSAAS.IO) Discarding the password for an inactive user account is now handled correctly.
  • #12318 (fixed) (VSAAS.IO) Deprecated billing plans are now stored in the archive and can be viewed by selecting the corresponding filter when searching the plan list.
  • #13203 (fixed) (VSAAS.IO) English localization was improved.
  • #13228 (fixed) (VSAAS.IO) Downloading of the CSV file with the usage report was fixed.
  • #13298 (fixed) (VSAAS.IO) User search was added on the domain addition page.
  • #13249 (fixed) (Analytics) A number of aspects of face analytics, such as the time spent on face recognition, was improved.

Другие новости


Черная пятница c 23 по 30 ноября

Новые подписки на лицензию Flussonic Watcher со скидкой 30%

Bullet vs Dome. Какой корпус выбрать?

В первую очередь корпус Dome повышает вандалозащищенность камеры. Вандалозащищенность отнюдь не означает пуленепробиваемость или особую прочность.

Ночью светло как днем с StarVis камерами Flussonic v2

StarVis — это технология ночного видения, разработанная компанией SONY. Суть технологии заключается в том, что камера может снимать полноцветное видео ночью.

Как сделать свое мобильное приложение для видеонаблюдения

Все продукты Flussonic имеют API и/или SDK, используя которые любой опытный разработчик сможет написать свое приложение для работы с Flussonic