Flussonic Watcher 20.03

Здесь мы расскажем о версии Flussonic Watcher 20.03.

Что нового

  • #2728 (new) [Watcher] Multicamera DVR playback.
  • #9193 (new) [Watcher] You can set a custom depth of the DVR archive of recorded motion events. The option is located in Camera and Preset settings.
  • #10170 (new) [Watcher] When adding an Organization, you can now conveniently add its users and cameras using the tabs on the same screen where you add the Organization.
  • #10272 (new) [Watcher] Watcher shows indications and alarms if the Path to DVR is not specified for a streamer.
  • #10937 (new) [Watcher] You can get a report on recognized license plate numbers in CSV. The Download button appears when you choose Activity to filter the list of events.
  • #10974 (new) [Watcher] The DVR player with a single timeline in a mosaic view.
  • #10250 (new) [Agent] Agent supports cameras based on Mstar chi

Что исправлено

  • #9669 (fixed) [Watcher] After you have saved user or camera settings, Watcher no longer jumps to the first page in the list.
  • #9992 (fixed) [Watcher] It was impossible for you to edit the user if it was in an organization to which you had no permissions.
  • #10189 (fixed) [Watcher] After the user has placed the Folders in the order they wish, Watcher saves the order of Folders.
  • #10305 (fixed) [Watcher] The popup descriptions for camera view mode icons in the upper menu were added.
  • #10326 (fixed) [Watcher] The player on the map now expands to full screen successfully.
  • #10365 (fixed) [Watcher] After viewing a lot of pages of the dashboard in Chrome, the browser stopped responding and there was an application error.
  • #10436 (fixed) [Watcher] Now the full list of organizations is shown in the user settings page.
  • #10571 (fixed) [Watcher] Folders that were dragged across the folder tree are now stay in the correct place after the page was reloaded.
  • #10584 (fixed) [Watcher] The issue of v20.02 with the empty Streamer column in the list of cameras was resolved.
  • #10645 (fixed) [Watcher] Fixed event subscription via ONVIF on some Dahua cams
  • #10839 (fixed) [Watcher] The issue with logging in as administrator was resolved.
  • #10893 (fixed) [Watcher] An individual issue with the app failing to connect to Watcher was resolved.
  • #10905 (fixed) [Watcher] Password recovery was fixed.
  • #11131 (fixed) [Watcher] The sender in email notifications is now correct.
  • #11045 (fixed) [Mobile Watcher] The player in the Watcher app for iOS failed to play video from cameras.
  • #10414 (fixed) [Mobile Watcher] The SDK is now compatible with Xcode 11.2.

Другие новости


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